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We are glad you’ve made the decision to visit CrossFit Sisters! This means that you are looking to make a change or improvement in your life, whether it be strength gains, improved athletic performance, weight loss or just to be able to keep up with your active kids. We are excited to be the ones to guide you through this journey to better health! Getting started with us is easy.

To schedule your free introductory class, please fill out this form. Upon your arrival we can give you a tour of the facility and description to our programming, terminology and equipment we use. We will customize a workout to accommodate your fitness level.

Once complete you will guide you through our two step process:


Think you have to “get in shape” before starting CrossFit? Nothing could be further from the truth. The “Elements,” (Foundations) class is required in order to participate in any regularly scheduled CrossFit class. The purpose of the Elements class is to work with a coach to learn proper form and technique, correct terminology all while we assess your individual needs and movement patterns. In this series of classes, you will be introduced to the 9 basic movements and methodology of CrossFit that are needed to participate in our open classes. This is a foundations program but can be extended if you need additional support with the movements to safely move into group classes.


Once you complete our Elements class we will introduce you to our Group coaching or “CrossFit Class”, which allows our members to work with a coach daily for a fraction of the investment of Personal Training.

Everyone who walks through our doors has a variety of personal goals and ability levels, our group coaching timetable has the variety to meet those needs. Our CrossFit training program allows you to achieve your goals. It is full of variance, but it’s not random; it’s designed specifically to improve our members’ health and performance.

Only By Appointment If Space Allows

If you are a CrossFitter from out of town we would love to have you in. We just please ask that you show up 15 minutes prior to any scheduled class. We have two drop in options below.

If you are here on an extended visit please calll us at 541-699-7800 to set up other arrangements.

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