About Us


Our mission at CrossFit Sisters is to redefine your views on fitness. Everyone has different goals that they are working towards. It is our aim to first help you realize what those goals are; second, educate you on the best way to get there and third put a plan in action to achieve them. We use CrossFit as our method to get there. Everything that we do is driven by our core values of: Honesty, Integrity, Expertise and encouragement through community.


We’re not your average gym in Sisters, OR: There is not a person sitting at the front desk who doesn’t know your name. CrossFit is often imitated but never duplicated. Inside CrossFit Sisters, you will find barbells, rowing machines, rings, pull-up rigs, medicine balls, squat racks, kettlebells, and more. Most importantly, you will find caring and supportive coaching. A community of like-minded individuals who are all striving to be “Better than Yesterday.”

We cater to all fitness levels: You will not be judged on how you look or how fit you are. You will only be judged on your ability to work as hard as you are able. Often, it is the last person to finish a workout that receives the most cheering and high fives from the other athletes.

We are a close and supportive community: Fitness trends come and go, but what makes CrossFit the fastest growing fitness movement in the world is the community inside the gym. It is the community that will provide you with accountability and will keep you coming back for more. Others may call their gym a “box,” and offer CrossFit type classes but it is often never associated with CrossFit or the CrossFit Brand.

We offer superior workout programming: Our programming, which is simply the workouts that you do on a daily basis, is designed in 2 – 3 month increments. There is a plan in place to ensure that you receive the best design out there to achieve maximum results. Everybody that comes in is evaluated and taken through a consult to determine what your goals are and how we can work towards reaching them. Those consults are used to determine the direction that our community as a whole is working towards. For those that want a more personal approach we offer personal training as well.

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